En La Cumbre at The A+D Museum, November 2007

Ojo's En La Cumbre continued to develop the language of the audience participatory project. The unifying element of the salt on the floor was replaced by red light bulbs hanging from the ceiling that cast a red hue over the audience. The stack of amps remained in the middle of the space, creating a sculptural element to draw the crowd towards the musical center. Ojo began the performance by playing one note wooden blocks at random intervals. Slowly the sound of the resonating wood blocks was met by the vocalizations of Ojo and the audience. From there, more instrumentation was added on top, including 808, synthesizer, trumpet, a small marimba, clapping, chanting and dancing from the crowd. En La Cumbre in Spanish means "on the mountain top/summit". This performance definitely climbed to the top!

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