EP. CD-R. Self-Released. 100 copies. 2006. (Out of print).

For Ojo's first show at ESL Projects in 2006, Ojo created a limited edition CD-R to sell at the performance. The cover was drawn by Josh and then silkscreened by the group in an array of different colors. Below is what the CD looked like when it was opened up. EP consisted of 5 tracks that built upon the acoustic ambience of Ojo's first album. All the tracks contain acoustic guitar, kaoss pad, and keys. The tracks are: Muscle Canopy, Rewind, Maps, DeDe, and Autotypist. Ojo recorded these tracks in Angelino Heights in the Fall/Winter of 2005 and edited them together in 2006. The CDs were quickly out of print after the show at ESL. Soon audio tracks should be posted of these works along with Chris's reworking of one of the tracks called, Forojo.

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