"Ocean View Estate" is OJO's first new studio album in four years and finds the group in a new aural world. The album comprises ten tracks that run the gamut from minimal techno (Eurobanger) to acoustic bliss (Three Room) to live document (Flesh Car Crash, En La Cumbre). "Ocean View Estate" shows a brand new sonic terrain that is exciting, engaging, fresh, and down right danceable too. Chris Avitabile produced the record and John Flores mastered it at Studio SQ. The album was recorded in Oakland and in Los Angeles at the Ocean View Estate (Chris's old pad east of Koreatown). The cover image, "Rapture," is by Gina Osterloh from 2006. The album is currently available on cd and digital download from iTunes. You're going to want to bang this all the time! Tracklist: La Bolsa Blanca, Romanticos Tropicales, Flesh Car Crash, Interlude, Hummingbird, Facing West, Three Room/Bubblewrap, En La Cumbre, Eurobanger and Ocean View Estate. Check out the first track on the record, "La Bolsa Blanca," HERE.

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