Cave-Out (In Three Parts, All At Once). Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), an initiative of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time, Jan. 26, 2012.

OJO's Cave-Out (In Three Parts, All At Once) is a multifaceted work encompassing three different elements. Cave-Out began as an advertisement in X-TRA Magazine, encouraging people from all over the globe to call a toll-free telephone number and leave their interpretation of the score (see below). The telephone messages were then utilized by the group to build a whole new musical composition, which took the finalized form of a 45rpm record. Finally, all of these elements will congeal into a live performance during Pacific Standard Time's Performance and Public Art Festival. OJO plans of giving the 45rpm record away for free to participants at the live performance. The live show will include using cell phones as a music making device, as well as such OJO staples as an 808 drum machine, clapping, chanting and body shaking.

More Information can be found HERE.

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