Love Letter from the exhibition, "We", curated by Jen Liu at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Los Angeles, July 2008

Jen Liu invited Ojo to participate in a group exibition at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery in 2008. The premise for the show was an exhibition that focused on artist groups. Jen asked us to submit an object for the show, something that we really hadn't done before, unless you count our cds. Anyway, for the past couple of years Moi and I had been talking about how great it would be to cram Ojo into a car with our instruments, power them off the car battery, amplify the sounds through the car's stereo system, and then drive around. When the opportunity for this show came up, we decided that it presented the right time to expand the vocabulary of Ojo and to present this car work. Given though that there were other art objects in the show, our space was limited, so we settled for driving the car into the gallery, parking it for the duration of the show, and then playing music as planned while the car was motionless in the gallery space. The music played during the performance was recorded and then played out of the car's speakers for the rest of the show (audio of this performance should be posted soon). When we were given a residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, we recycled the car, Moi's '79 Toyota Carolla, from this piece and used it again in Flesh Car Crash. Although at MOCA there were two cars and they were in motion. This work was reviewed on ArtSlant, click HERE to read the essay.

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