Justin Cole


Suite Sixteen was created during the summer of 2005 in Lenox, MA. I was working a summer gig teaching tennis to affluent elementary and middle school girls. During my off hours I would photograph the town and the surrounding Berkshires area. The prints reflect a sense of isolation, loss, emptiness, stillness, and intimacy. These attributes found their way into the work via the quiet and contemplative surroundings--also there was just absolutely nothing to do. I had just finished grad school and spent much time reflecting on that experience in the dark room, which was in the basement of an old robber baron mansion. The choice to make 16 pictures for the series was a result of constantly hearing the girls talk about how they couldn't wait to turn 16. All prints from the series, Suite Sixteen, are silver gelatin prints on 14"x11" paper. The printed image size is 2"x3" on the center of each sheet. They are all Untitled.

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