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#DetroitCondition. Performance view. Duration 90 minutes. Pomona College Museum of Art. Oct. 29, 2015.

As part of "RSVP Los Angeles" at Pomona College Museum of Art, Justin Cole was invited to create a new work of performance, entitled #DetroitCondition. #DetroitCondition featured all of the photographs in the series "Detroit, Dust and Scratches" (featured in RSVP Los Angeles) projected on a loop in the interior of a Ford Econoline Van, while the artist played vinyl records from the city of Detroit and served shandys (Vernor's Ginger Ale + Stroh's Beer + Lime Juice) simultaneously.

The set list:

Allen Ginsberg "Peace for John Sinclair" (Rainbow Records) / The Stooges "We Will Fall" (Elektra) / Alice Coltrane "Galaxy in Turiya" (Impulse!) / Elvin Jones "Raunchy Rita" (Impulse!) / Bert Myrick "Scorpio's Child" (Strata Records) / Denby H.S. Band "April in Paris" (Mercier)...

Download the set HERE