Justin Cole


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In 2005, I created a suite of 5 short songs with concrete sounds from my apartment under the name small acoustic. I then asked Baltimore's The Tall Grass to collaborate with me on a split 7". They contributed the b-side to the record. We then asked many many artists to provide the cover art, resulting in a 7" with 500 different cover variations provided by over 60 artists from all over the United States. The resulting 7" was then shown in an exhibition, Character Traits, at the I-5 Gallery in Los Angeles in the summer of 2005. A sampling of some of the record covers can be found below featuring work by: Roya Falahi, Patterson Beckwith, Joshua Aster, Brenna Youngblood, Pranay Reddy, Rick Hager, Justin Cole, Just Dave and Pete Deevakul, amonst others. Records are $10 plus shipping/handling. Email jthomascole@hotmail.com for one.

The small/Tall Record. 500 7" records, unique covers. 2005.