"Live at ESL Projects" documents Ojo's first project, "We All, Us Three," exhibited at ESL Projects in Eagle Rock, CA. The performance took place in the spring of 2006 and was the first audience paticipatory project that Ojo lead. The audience shuffled their feet, chanted, screamed, clapped, and danced in unison along with Ojo. This cd documents the entire live performance (26 minutes) from start to finish and all of the sonic hills and valleys that we traversed. We then gave the live recordings back to ESL's Nate Harrison to remix. His re-interpretation is a pumping and energetic techno remix comprised entierly of sounds from the show, "We All, Us Three". The compact disc was produced by James Welling and the photographs are by ESL's Hugo Hopping. The recording is unfortunately out of print. Although Nate's remix is available on a compilation from Toshok Labs in Detroit, MI. Audio to be posted soon. Click HERE to see more of this project.

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