"Passin' Thru the New Amazing" was released by LAXART in 2008 on colored vinyl. The record documents Ojo's performance of the same title at the space in 2007. The a-side of the record features a 15 minute segment from the live show, capturing the audience and Ojo, clapping, chanting, stomping, 808 beats, keyboards, etc... The show was well attended so the sound recording is rich and full. For the b-side of the record, the raw recording from the a-side was remixed by Ojo members, Los Cremators (aka DJ Lengua, Eamon Ore-Giron) and the Collapsible Mammals (Chris Avitabile). The remixes provide a rich reinterpretation of the event and use the sounds from the performance to create a new audio experience for your enjoyment at home. The LP is currently in print and is available from LAXART for $25. Click HERE to order one directly from the gallery. The LP also comes with a full color poster and xeroxed score from the event to follow along. The cover art was designed by Eamon Ore-Giron and Justin Cole. Click HERE to see more about this project.

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