Passin' Thru The New Amazing, LAXART, Los Angeles, May 2007

LAXART invited Ojo to present a new audience participary piece for their space in May 2007. We decided to continue the language previously presented at ESL Projects and Queens Nails Annex. The floor of the space was covered with 400 pounds of salt. In the center of the room was a large stack of amplifiers. Projected on the wall was Kaossed video from a festival in Peru. There were also burned slides of the landscape projected large on the walls. The score for, Passin' Thru The New Amazing, was quite similar to previous projects, although the members of Ojo added more instrumentation (keys and samples) to compliment the 808 drum machine. Eventually, LAXART released a recording of the show on LP in the Fall of 2008. The recording for the show, that can be ordered HERE, also features two remixes by Eamon and Chris of Ojo. You can view the record HERE. This performance was also reviewed in LA Confidential Magazine, click HERE for the review.

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